Asylum Seekers In Go Back To Where You Came From

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Why do asylum seekers still take the high risks to come to Australia by boat or some illegal ways while they know the journey is dangerous and will possibly get them expatriated? I am writing to you with the concern about the rights of refugees and asylum seekers and how harshly Australian Government treated them. The documentary “Go Back to Where You Came From” Series 1 has presented a deeper insight of how desperate and harsh conditions of life are as a refugee by six ordinary Australian participants of varying ages and backgrounds, with strong opinions about the issue of refugees and asylum seekers. The issue of asylum seekers is an important issue of human rights. The main parties of the Australian Parliament are currently engaged in a heated debate on the issue of the refugees and asylum seekers. Should the Australian Government keep stopping the boats or start welcome and letting more asylum seekers into Australia? …show more content…

Asylum seekers in Europe arrived Australia in thousands of boats but nobody complained as long as they were White. Since many refugees are Black and Brown who are with different physical characteristics to most Australians, some Australians feel somewhat resentful that those “migrants” settled in their homeland. Australia as a developed and international country, the culture and economy have always been benefited from those immigrants that all over the world. The presence of people from different cultural backgrounds in Australia has greatly enriched the society. Immigration must be non-discriminatory and not based on nationality, religion, origin, gender, language, age, sexuality, disability or social

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