Why Was The White Australian Policy Introduced In The 1850's

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In 1850’s The White Australian Policy began to try and create anun-racial Australia. It was used against anyone who was non-European and those who were different colour races by refusing to allow them to enter the country. This policy succeeded and continued until the end of World War II. After WW2, Australia could no longer hold its position of isolation from the rest of the world. The war produced a refugee crisis that drove Central Europeans from a decimated Europe. With the rest of the world accepting refugees, Australia could no longer exclude those who were not English or Scottish etc. This was the beginning of the end of the White Australian Policy.

The White Australian Policy was discovered in Australia in the 1850’s. A big amount of British prisoners were in need to come to the country but were declined. Although the Australians lack prisoners to work in the mines they had brought people from the pacific islands and china, leaving the British out. The Australians …show more content…

In 1966 in the Menzies Government, the Immigration Minister announced a change in the immigration policy, which opened the door for chosen non-European migration. Asian migrants who were pretty skilled or valuable to Australia would be allowed to settle in the country. After a great effort of serious debates, the Australian Labour Party annual convention in 1966 had been removed officially from its immigration policy words about maintaining White Australia. Both political parties were those the ones who still had believed in the White Australia Policy, and those who identified its political unacceptability, as well as those who had a genuine idea of the opposition to the

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