Persuasive Speech On Refugees

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I am going to begin today by asking everybody to imagine themselves in the comfort and safety of their homes. Now imagine waking up in your so called secure residence at three in the morning to bombs dropping, windows shattering, blood-curdling screams, and friends and neighbours dying in the streets. This dreaded occurrence is a living reality for many refugees such as Sharmina, a physician and loving father from Baghdad whose family moved to Canada in 2007, following the bombing of their hometown. Sharmina was quoted by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) saying “Getting refugee status is like getting a new birth certificate, you have to start your life again and it is not easy”. After arriving in Canada, Sharmina and…show more content…
Between November 4th, 2015, and January 29th, 2017, Canada has accepted 40 081 refugees into the country, with plans to accept more. My name is Hannah Johnstone, I am a student at Kensington Intermediate Senior High School, as well as a devoted Christian. My beliefs have influenced me to research refugees, and to advocate for them, as they are valued members of our world and country. My religion preaches love and acceptance, which is exactly what these people need in their time of agony and despair. Whether or not Canada should accept refugees into the country has been an ongoing controversial issue for years, yet what people fail to realize is that refugees are not a burden to our countries, rather they are benefits to our nation in many aspects.

One of the main concerns of Canadian citizens regarding taking in refugees is if they could cause a threat to our country and its’ people. Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has mentioned that just because Canada believes that some refugees could cause harm, that is no need for us to close our doors to all of those people in distress. The process of accepting refugees into the country is more complicated than most believe, there are five distinct steps that the refugee must pass in order to be invited into our country. The UNHCR website has a page stating the process of acceptance of a refugee, which includes:
Their eligibility: if they are able to return or stay in their hometown and have not participated in any war

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