1984 Ignorance Is Strength Essay

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Many readers will easily recognize the expression "Big Brother Is Watching You." It is a reference from Orwell 's novel 1984 in which the country of Oceania tries their best to destroy the past and remake the future. Oceania tries many things to keep their people quiet and repressed so they cannot question the government 's authority. One example of how the government represses their people can be explained by the slogan Ignorance is Strength. "Ignorance is Strength" has played a significant role is George Orwell 's 1984. The government of Oceania uses "Ignorance Is Strength" to keep their people limited to knowledge of their past, so that way the government can do what they like without the people questioning their power or what happens …show more content…

Ignorance is Strength comes into play when Winston had been caught by the thought police. The thought police took Winston to the Ministry of Love where they had begun his torture. The Ministry of Love has resorted to one of their last methods of torture, and they begin beating him until he finally agrees to listen. On page 301 Winston says, "Everything had exploded into yellow light. Inconceivable, inconceivable that one blow could cause such pain!" They are torturing him mercilessly to put nothing else, but pain and fear in his mind so he would eventually wind up as everyone else. For example, if anyone ended up at the Ministry of Love and being tortured, sooner or later the people are going to be too afraid to stand up against the government. They will just have to comply without action or questioning.
In conclusion, the government of Oceania uses the slogan "Ignorance is Strength" to keep their people obedient and to keep their power above all, by limiting their knowledge, no contact with one another, and torture upon anyone who disobeys orders or breaks a law. Many of which, Winston tried his best to rebel against the government, but he was caught and tortured and he ultimately failed. In the end, the people 's ignorance has given the government strength and

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