Persuasive Essay On Australia Day

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As patriotic Australians we pride ourselves to be a nation that accepts and respects the beliefs of all cultures, but on this historical day majority of Australians tend to forget the true meaning behind the celebration. If you ask today’s society, what they did this Australia day mass numbers would respond with “binged on alcohol” and “indulged in a barbecue.” Consequently, this day cannot be called a national celebration when some of our fellow Australians are grieving while others are out celebrating an occasion they know little about. Giving due regard to the indigenous people and their mostly negative perspective on this issue should be a priority. A new date, not the 26th of January should be established, as rather than unite, it seems to divide Australians into different viewpoints. Celebrating Australia day is like holding a party without inviting the hosts. While many Australians celebrate this holiday, they have little knowledge behind the events that occurred and why it is celebrated. If I’m honest, I haven’t been brought up, like many of my generation, to understand and acknowledge the events which occurred on this day. Instead for as long as I can remember I have seen the day as a public holiday where mum drags us to a boring family gathering, to play backyard cricket and observe the adults consume excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages. According to a poll conducted by Review Partners, much of the Australian population are unable to accurately name the event

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