Persuasive Essay On Columbus Day

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Brieana McClean
Professor Herdzina
English 101
January 12, 2018
Major essay #1
Columbus Day, a day in which the landing of Columbus in the Americas is recognized, it wasn’t until the year 1937 that it became a Federal Holiday. It is a Day in which many celebrate his ‘achievements’ and Italian heritage. Among other things this day serves to celebrate Columbus’s vile acts of possessing land that was already another’s territory. I am against the idea of ‘Columbus Day’ and believe it should be changed. Changed to honor and recognize the Indigenous people who lost their lives and belongings due to the arrival of Christopher Columbus and his men. I see him as nothing more than a Robber, evil mastermind, and murderer. After all, how can we celebrate …show more content…

Sometimes when there are too many bad it out weighs the good. Columbus could’ve found other ways to prove his point. He didn’t formulate an agreement that would work for his ‘scheme’ with the Tainos. Instead he just drove his way through not recognizing the people as the natural inhabitants. Some individuals say that the Tainos knew of other kidnapping amongst tribes but didn’t realize that tribal warfare was very limited. Columbus Day should be in honor of those who had to suffer and endure pain. In memory of the people who had to have a finger chopped off, those who had to witness public killings. The very same innocent people who had to step aside for foreigners. Why celebrate a man of greed, one whom was self-centered and simply did not care? If his pockets were getting deeper he was quick to go along with anything. The day represents one of the greatest injustices in Human history. Dedicating a day to Columbus means that we support his acts. We support him and his orders that led to the killing of an entire nation. That is absurd! This day should be dedicated to the native Americans to honor their History and Culture. To teach their ways before Columbus and his men infiltrated their minds with European ways. They are people, great people who deserves remembrance. Columbus Day represents arrogance, and poor leadership

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