Why Is Christopher Columbus Bad

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Christopher Columbus Hero or Villain ? Christopher Columbus is a Villain. On some accounts he can be a Hero. But on many other accounts he's a vicious Villain. Yes he discovered America ; Yes we have a holiday that commemorates the landing of Christopher Columbus in the New World on October 12, 1492. But here are some reasons to why he's a evil man. Christopher Columbus mutilated and enslaved native people that he encountered on the Island soon to be called America.He encountered many different Natives when he Started to explore the new land he discovered. There were 60,000 people living on this island. Some of the Natives didn't even have weapons or even heard of that word before.So it was very easy for Christopher Columbus to take advantage …show more content…

Instead of finding the Indies he finds the “New World” and creates a settlement of his own and starts to do terrible things. This can be taken as Christopher Columbus being greedy and self righteous than being an explorer for Spain. Christopher Columbus should be considered as a pirate instead of an explorer. Christopher is more of a pirate than explorer is that he became the ruler of the new land he found and was very unfair to the natives and his people. Furthermore, Christopher Columbus was a very greedy man that only wanted to be rich and famous. He later got arrested for his greed and immorality and taken back to Spain. Christopher Columbus day is insulting to many American Indians and many native-born Americans. Many Americans oppose Christopher Columbus day. Columbus’ expeditions set in motion the worldwide transfer of people, plants, animals, diseases, and cultures that greatly affected nearly every society on the planet. The Exchange also brought new diseases to both hemispheres, though the effects were greatest in the Americas. Smallpox from the Old World wiped out millions of the Native American population to mere fractions of their original

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