Why Columbus Day Should Not Be Celebrated?

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Columbus Day Should Not Be Celebrated
Every twelvemonth. on the 2nd Monday in October. the people in the United States celebrate a national vacation in memory of Christopher Columbus. the 1 who discovered the new continent. However. because Columbus brought catastrophes to the Native Americans. many people opposed the Columbus jubilations. They began to believe whether the Columbus Day should be considered as a national vacation in the United States. Surely. Columbus Day should non be a national vacation in the United States. First of all. it was really obvious that Columbus caused the European colonisation in the Americas and the autochthonal population prostration. His offense obscured his part. A condemnable whose custodies stained with blood should non be commemorated by people.

Though some of the effects are non expected by Columbus. his expeditions marked a really bad beginning of the European geographic expeditions. On Columbus’s 2nd ocean trip. his evil desires were wholly exposed. The autochthonal people eventually understood Columbus’s intent which was to prehend hoarded wealths from their lands. When Columbus’s fleet reached the island of Guadeloupe. they encountered the warlike Caribs and were attacked. The Spaniards eventually defeated the Caribs and enslaved them. These slaves died out rapidly because of the European diseases. Few months subsequently. the tragic narrative of the Caribs had happened repeatedly on the Arawaks of Hispaniola ( Konstam. “Across the

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