How Does Ayerrs Rock Influence Australian Culture

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It is important that on Australia day we Australians Should celebrate not only our great achievements but also what we have become and where we stand as a nation. It is important that we continue our traditions of individuality, equality, Tolerance and mate ship, these are the values are the centre our Australian cultural identity. On this day consider the icons and the iconic landmarks that represent our nation and people. One of the most prominent being is the world’s largest Monoliths Ayers Rock known as Uluru. Ayers Rock rising majestically more than 348m out of the flat desert surface and 863 above sea level, this ideal landmark represents the struggle the native owners had to endure for rights and search for freedom. It holds significance …show more content…

It was William Christie Gosse due to exploration. It soon became a symbol of the Australian people 75 years later more than 2 million people around the world have seen and still everyday seeing the magnificent monolith as it became a popular travel destination. Uluru is one of the most sacred place in Australia its culture is entwined with the aboriginal culture. To the Pitjantjatjara, Yankunytjatjara and Anangu tribes, Ayers Rock represents the living essence of their beliefs. The rock also represents Australia as a symbolic heart of the outback because it has had a central role in the Australian identity. These representations of Uluru can be found in a diverse range of texts, from diary’s, news articles and …show more content…

However, Ayers Rock is now structured as an ideal tourist attraction, majestic place, sacred and spiritual. Written by Richard Moore and published by the web wombat, this article shows Uluru as a place to go for holidays. It is also presenting Uluru as a tourist attraction, over 400,000 tourist a year, not only are they there for the world largest monolith but also around Uluru there are hotels, camping grounds and Resorts. As a result in this text Ayers rock stands as a symbol Attraction for all the people around the world willing to travel to the centre Northern Territory to see and climb Ayers Rock. The power of Ayers Rock as a symbolic icon of the Australian identity the writer says Uluru and the surrounding Kata Tjuta National park is Spiritual this reflects to aboriginal side but also the ancestral decent part of the European, Australia and aboriginal that have all played part in the Australia history. This positions the audience to believe that aboriginals all share a part about our Australian

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