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Should Australia change the date of Australia Day? Some of you may be wondering why this is such a controversial issue and some of you might already know. If you don’t know why I’ll tell you. The date that we celebrate Australia Day is not the date we became our own country, you may be thinking “so what?” well I’ll tell you, the day we are celebrating is the day Great Britain invaded Australia and the start of when they tortured and killed thousands of the Australian indigenous people, there are multiple dates available that were important to Australia or represent Australia and this date has no monument recognizing the day so why is this day so important. Australia Day. What’s the first word that comes to mind? Is it fun or Invasion day? What does that mean to you? To some, it means the day the British took over this land and started torturing thousands and for some, it is a fun day to celebrate, a day where people bring out the Barbie and have a party. Celebrating this day is just showing how WE don’t know the history of Australia, it's showing that WE don’t care what happened to the aboriginals, it is showing that WE think that what happened in 1788 on the 26th of January is insignificant. If YOUR …show more content…

Where have you ever seen or heard of a monument for this day? Is there a special plark where the first fleet landed? Is there a statue to commemorate this date? No, then what's the point of celebrating this date if we don’t even preserve it? People may say this is a day that is only about Australia and that is why it should continue to be this date, but I'm sorry to burst those people's bubbles. January the 26th is also Data Innovation Day, it is the day the largest diamond was found and it also India’s Republic Day. So I'm sorry to those people who had that as their case to keep the date but the 26th of January isn't only Australia’s day. (The Sydney Morning Herald,

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