Pros And Cons Of An Australian Republic

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INTRO: So, what is a republic? A republic is a democratic nation in which the highest public office is held not by a monarch, who inherits the position by birth, but instead by a citizen chosen on merit. Australia is a monarchy because it was colonised by the British in 1788. With them, they brought their lifestyles, culture and system of government. This type of government has remained up to this day. The reason why some Australians say that we should become a republic is because they believe that we have become independent as a country and that we deserve to own our own name, instead of being another part of Britain. Some say we should delay becoming a republic until the Queen dies or retires, or the global financial crisis is over, or until all the other important issues facing Australia have been dealt with. As we all know, tomorrow never comes. An Australian Republic is about us — not the Queen, not Prince Charles or the world economy. We should do it now, without delay. As Nelson Mandela once said, “ For to be free is not merely to cast off one 's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” Until we break our last Constitutional links to the mother country, our nationhood is incomplete. Now after just over 115 years of Federation, Australia must finally join the world of nations as a full equal, unshackled to any other nation. POINT 1 COST: Many anti-republicans argue that the cost of changing to a republic is too high, as where

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