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According to the “Outsourced” of movie plot, Todd Anderson is a low power distance (G. Hofstede, 1980) character. First, from the theory, Dave (Todd Anderson’s manager in America Company) indicates Todd Anderson has to transfer to India for operating the company procedures by training the employees over there meanwhile improving the minute per incidents. However, he is rejected Dave that he is not going to India. Yet, he is still going to India for his job after the negotiating with Dave due to the bad job market with unemployment benefits. This shows that Todd Anderson is because of his own self-interest to sustain his job to go to India, not because of the leader’s intangible right to issue orders. Besides that, Todd Anderson represents as a low context culture (Edward T. Hall, 1976) of cultural profile. This is because his attitudes towards his job is full of anxious and he wants to proceed it as quickly as possible. For instance in the movie plot, Todd Anderson keep on giving stress to Phuru Narashima and those Indian workers by improving the demand of minute per incidents has to reach below 6.0 minutes so that he can back to America as soon as possible if not he will be stuck in …show more content…

Hofstede, 1980) person in the movie. From the movie plot, he told his Indian worker Phuru Narashima, that he is not stay with his family. He just only visited his family few times in a year. This shows that in Todd Anderson’s culture, adults children should leave the parental home and they have to take care or look after their own selves after they grow up. In addition, Todd Anderson also relates in individualist due to he is not get married yet in the age of marry. This is because the culture from him is the criteria for marriage partners are not predetermined. For example, he told Aunty Ji that he is not getting marry yet and broke up with his girlfriend due to he is not manage to get ready to set up a family with his partner

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