Sunset Boulevard Film Analysis

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Mise-en-scéne is crucial to classical Hollywood as it defined an era ‘that in its primary sense and effect, shows us something; it is a means of display. ' (Martin 2014, p.XV). Billy Wilder 's Sunset Boulevard (Wilder 1950) will be analysed and explored with its techniques and styles of mise-en-scéne and how this aspect of filmmaking establishes together as a cohesive whole with the narrative themes as classical Hollywood storytelling. Features of the film 's sense of space and time, setting, motifs, characters, and character goals will be explored and how they affect the characterisation, structure, and three-act organisation. In Sunset Boulevard (Wilder 1950), the space of mise-en-scene is used to ‘guide the audience 's attention across the screen, shaping the sense of the space that is represented and emphasising certain parts of it ' (Bordwell 2001, p.176). For instance, when Joe Gillis is escaping the repo men at the beginning of the clip, the main focus is the speeding cars coming from the background to the foreground of the shot. Another notable scene is when Norma Desmond 's character lifts the rug and the chimpanzee 's arm flings out and swings back and forth, it instantly captures the audience 's attention. This is done because ‘moving items draw the audience 's attention more quickly than a static item does ' (Bordwell 2001, p.176). This method of presenting action corresponds with the structure of classical Hollywood as it was ‘designed for on-screen events to

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