Hidden Figures Mise-En-Scene Analysis

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The movie Hidden Figures by Theodore Melfi is talking about the civil rights and equality of men and women in 1970 's to 1990’s. The Mise-en-scene means "setting up a scene." There are six elements that make up mise-en-scene acting, costume and make-up, setting, lighting, composition or space and lastly. In Hidden Figures, the mise-en-scene helps audiences to become closer to the story and have the same feeling as those main characters. The director uses many different kind of shout angles to show the unbalanced between black people and white people at that time and the color and lighting also help the director can present the emotions that the characters are facing different kind of events or people. The director, Theodore Melfi uses many …show more content…

It is about two major components, design and composition. One design hand, not only in this scene, but also the whole movie’s tone tends to use bright lighting to emphasize on the nervous environment in 1970s. The bright color in the scene shows the aesthetic, stressing on characters’ emotion and contemporary society’s situation. The based tone of the whole movie is to stress on the position between the main characters and the white people and the main characters change their the character when they face different kind of people. When Katherine is work in the calculation room, the color usually cold color because the calculation room give audiences the stress feeling. On the other hand, the cold color also present the distance between Katherine and white men because the distance between she and the white men make audiences feel they are not partner, they more look like stranger. Therefore, most of time when Kathrine stay in the calculation room, the room color usually is cold color. On the other hand, the color is changing when Katherine goes back to her house or facing to her friends or daughters. The cold color turn into warm color. For example, when Katherine enters to her three daughters ' bedroom, the tone of color are warm colors because the director want audiences to feel about the warm family between Katherine and her three daughters. Therefore, the color can give audiences totally different feeling when the director use different type of color in different moments because the colors can present characters’ emotions even the characters do not need any

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