A Beautiful Mind Analysis

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Cinematography is a combination of techniques used to describe the emotions and mood in films. Cinematography includes camera shots, angles and lighting. A Beautiful Mind and The King’s Speech are biotic films this depicts the life of an important historical person.

A Beautiful Mind emphasizes the inner struggles of a man who has schizophrenia. John Nash’s emotions are expressed through various cinematography.

The opening scene of the film shows shifting camera movement and this is done through physical displacement of the camera. The movements of the camera show John Nash is not confident in himself due to his schizophrenia.

Different colours throughout the film express different emotions. In the above frame a close up shot has been used.
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Side lighting is light which only illuminates part of the subject. In this image it is John. This shows that there is conflict and an unexpected feeling to the film. This lighting expresses to the viewer that danger is around as well as suspicion.

The King’s Speech is a film about a man with a severe stutter and his journey to recovery. The opening scene is the Duke of York (Bertie) giving his speech. A close up shot has been used. This enables the viewer to understand the actors emotions. In the shot we see the Duke of York feels insignificant and worthless as he is stuttering. Bertie is slightly off centered which shows he has insecurities. There is also an extreme close up on the microphone showing it is the centre of the film and is appearing to be a horrific object for Bertie.

The above frame shows a close up shot of Bertie as well as neutral lighting. This expresses his desperate need to correct his stutter.

Rack focus has been used in this frame. The camera is focusing on Bertie and the background has been blurred out with
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Elizabeth is on the right side of the frame (our view) and the door is open on the left side of the frame. However Elizabeth is asking Lionel to counsel Bertie with his stutter as he has lost hope. The open door signifies the honesty of the discussion between Elizabeth and Lionel and helps to express the message of the frame.

In comparison the King’s Speech is saturated with dull colours, off centered camera shots and close up images. These elements help us to understand and relate to the emotions of all the characters. The cinematography chosen also depicts the narrative of the desperation Bertie had for help. In In A Beautiful Mind the colours are bright and vibrant. These colours express John Nash’s emotions of hope. The lighting of the bright colours help the viewer. John is in his “own world”.

These two films differ as Bertie knew his inner struggle throughout the film therefore it is dull and shows his low self esteem (off centered shots). However John does not know his condition throughout the film and there is light colours to show his happy emotions and extreme close ups to help us follow his
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