Sidddalee Walker Movie Analysis

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In the beginning of the film, viewers realize fairly quickly who the two main characters are because of the dramatic fighting between Vivi Abbott Walker and her daughter, Siddalee Walker. In the start of the film viewers assume or believe Vivi Walker is an over dramatic high class southern mother. Vivi was high string and acted like a child when it came to fighting with her daughter. Siddalee came off as more of the laid back creative type because she is a play writer. The first phone call viewers see between Vivi and Sidalee is very different from the average phone calls between a mother and daughter because Sidalee is begging her fiancé not to answer the phone because she knew it would be her mother. Her mother is acting like she is dying over what Sidalee said about her in the Time’s magazine. When Sidalee finally …show more content…

She has unresolved issues with her mother that they have never discussion with each other. After her mother’s friends, who are the ya-ya’s, kidnap her she starts learning about her mother’s past. This is when the viewers understand how Siddalee and her mother didn’t have a close relationship and that her mother didn’t really tell her things. Siddalee learns that her mother was engaged to another man, who was her mother’s first true love and he was killed while gone in the military. This explains why her mother never had a great relationship with her father and why her parents were always fighting, which was due to her mother always comparing her father to her first true love. In addition, Siddalee learns why her mother turned crazy while she was a child and left them for 6 months. Her mother was addicted to pills and put in a rehab facility. This makes Siddalee more understanding of her mother’s actions causing her to start remembering all of the good times with her mother unlike before when the viewers only saw flashback of the back times between the two of

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