The Host: Movie Analysis

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The Host- an analysis about characters and their mirrors

If two minds occupy a body, who will then have the right to it? The original one or the one in control? How would we react on seeing someone else in the body of a loved one? That is what this movie analysis of The Host will focus upon.

The Host is a movie based on the book with the same name by Stephenie Meyer. It is set in a close future where Earth has been invaded by aliens who take over human bodies. Although humans are now almost extinct, there is still a small resistance who will not surrender. Wanderer is one of these aliens, also called souls. She is placed in the body of a member of the resistance to find information about the whereabouts of the remaining humans. But the …show more content…

As she learns more about Earth, her worldview changes as well, even if it can be difficult to unlearn everything you have been taught since birth. That, I would say, is the mayor difference between Wanderer and the other soul, Seeker. While Wanderer has an open mind and is ready to scratch her idea of what humans are like, Seeker sticks with her opinion, even if clearly proven …show more content…

Just imagine waking up to realize that your body now belongs to someone else to do whatever they want with. Imagine still be there, trapped inside your own head having to watch everything. Especially if you tried to kill yourself because that was the only way out you could see without endanger the people you love and care for. But as Melanie gets to know Wanderer her opinion about souls, maybe not souls in general as much as this particular one, changes. She begins to see Wanderer as a friend and ally rather than the enemy, which would be more logical considering her position.
Since Melanie isn’t able to reach out to the other humans, they cannot possibly know what she wants. That is why they just act as if Wanderer is the enemy. Since you as the viewer know that Melanie is still there, the other humans’ reaction to Wanderer seems a bit over the top when they refuse to believe that Wanderer wants to do good or that Melanie is still in there. Therefore, you must actually think and put yourself in their position to fully understand their reactions.

There are some characters that I will not talk about as much as the previous since they are not as important for the

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