Jumping The Broom: Movie Analysis

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Jumping the Broom is a light-hearted comedy about two African American families joining together for a wedding weekend to celebrate the marriage of Jason Taylor and Sabrina Watson at her wealthy family’s estate in Massachusetts. After Jason and Sabrina meet in Manhattan, the two start dating, and a short five months later they become engaged. Jason comes from a blue-collar family in Brooklyn, but became a successful businessman working on Wall Street. Jason’s mother, Mrs. Taylor, is a postal worker and is deemed as lower class, whereas Sabrina’s parents both come from wealthy families and lead an upper class lifestyle. When the two families’ get together for the first time at Sabrina’s family’s estate on Martha’s Vineyard, their class division becomes quite apparent and conflict quickly ensues. …show more content…

According to Price, Price, and McKenry (2010) the intragroup diversity among African Americans is growing, in that there are more African Americans among the middle and upper class now than ever before in United States history. This change in socioeconomic status has had a major impact for many African Americans, in which the increasing diversity has created significant social and economic tensions within their ethnic community (Price et al., 2010). Jumping the Broom has illustrated this recent phenomenon by showing viewers just how much the changing socioeconomic status can impact family relationships and the family system. The stressors associated with division of class between the Taylor and Watson families are particularly salient throughout the duration of the film. Viewers are shown many of these correlated stressors, and how they can cause major ramifications in the lives of today’s African American

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