Johnnetta Movie Analysis

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The impact of life experiences is influential on the life of individuals. Often people encounter biopsychosocial influences which make these experiences more difficult to address and overcome. The Johnnetta Mc Swain Story displayed how the biopsychosocial influences of life experiences involving families added an aspect which made the experiences she come across more difficult to address and overcome. As children growing up we seek the security of parent or caregiver to help us process the life experience(s). However, there are experiences individuals encounter in life, in which, the security and processing of a trusted individual is unattainable. For instance, Johnnetta referenced the inability to obtain security from her mother Johnnetta because she failed to acknowledge the sexual abuse the sisters were receiving from family, visitors, and the mother boyfriends. According to Johnnetta …show more content…

However, once she attended school and found support to make herself successful she truly begun the healing process. Browne, Dixon, & Hamilton-Giachritsis (2008) indicated, in research study findings that two components of generational cycle of breaking abuse is financial comfort and social support. I found this documentary could be an inspiration to all individuals who suffered sexual abuse in their life. However, as a social worker I was taught that what applies to one does not apply to all individuals. I do feel this movie could be a resource to individuals to show them change is possible. That in viewing the movie take notice on the course of action Johnnetta took in addressing the issues in her life. More so, in addressing issues that pertain to their life they should address it according to their issues and life. However, the only limitation in the movie was the lack of support from the mother when she failed to knowledge the sexual abuse. I know Johnnetta and Sonya desired that level of comfort from their mother, but never received that support after

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