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The third issue we found out from “Serpico” is corruption. In the movie, police officer Frank Serpico exposed corruption in the New York City police department. He was the first officer to testify against another officer. Corruption is the dishonest behavior and wrong doing on the part of an authority or powerful party through means that are illegitimate, immoral, and incompatible with ethical standards. Corruption are include giving or accepting bribes or inappropriate presents, double dealing, under-the-table transactions, manipulating elections, diverting funds, laundering money and defrauding investors. Payoffs and kickbacks were excessive in the police department after Frank Serpico entered the New York police force in 1960, especially …show more content…

Serpico plays an important role in the movie. We were very admired his determination of refuse to take the bribery. Even though he faces a mental health problem because of the campaign and the resulting complications and harassment within the department, he never surrenders of these. Finally, he was reported and exposed the corruption. He was also able to testify to the Knapp Commission. Although he was resigned in the end of the movie, his spirit of anti-corruption is deserved our admiration. As we know that, corruption is means evil, decay and dishonesty. It also an unethical behavior and bring a lot of disadvantages in our life. Corruption will create social class and it is unfair to all the citizens. It also widens the gap between wealthy and poor and it cause further problem. For example, the corrupted people can enjoy a better life but other is still get trouble on how to live a good life. The most dangerous effect of corruption is when judiciary is corrupted. Development, justice and civil society are based on law and justice, but in developing countries corrupted people uses law to justify their illegal behaviors. Otherwise, there are many cases that government officials cooperate with mafia in other developing countries. It is a very terrible behavior and it should be totally wipe

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