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Namastey London (bollywood movie): Study of cultural differences between Indian and European cultures. ABSTRACT The study aims at analyzing the cultural differences between European culture and Indian culture, comparing different dimension of cultures. How cultural differences can be managed. What are the factors that affect the ideology, thinking and behavior of an individual. Can the culture of an individual be changed from what it is from childhood; i.e. is it possible for an in individual to change its culture entirely. INTRODUCTION Namastey London is a nice romantic comedy movie deals with interfaith and intercultural romance. It handles its subject quite well, with a nice humorous touch. It will make you think, talk and ponder on what is essential in a relationship. This movie nicely depict the clash of cultures, the widening gap between parents and kids, also racism .Also, it invokes a kind of patriotic feeling at some point .It’s a story of marriage between two very different people, a girl who has been raised in Britain is made to …show more content…

Indians are very committed towards their relationship and try their level best to work it out. Moreover, the amount of respect Indians give to elders is far more. These traits were found missing in the girl. Hence, the girl faced a lot of problem after returning to India. Her parents could have nurtured her with more tolerance towards Indian culture but it’s also seen that it would be very difficult to do so living in Europe. The movie also depicts the cultural similarities between India and Pakistan. It also shows how a right person can bring positive differences in your life. We keep complaining about generation gap but the problem lies when we misunderstand our elders or think they have not grown with time. It’s not their age that speaks but their experience

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