Jeremy Linsanity Film Analysis

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Linsanity is a documentary film directed by Evan Jackson Leong that tackles numerous topics such as discrimination, stereotypes, racism, and being overlooked. The documentary is about Jeremy Lin, an Asian American basketball player who rose to fame in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The story follows the life of Lin from his childhood to his success in the New York Knicks in the NBA. The film shows how Lin achieved success despite of the racism and discrimination that he received while playing in his college and in the NBA. The director’s intention does not only inform the viewers about Jeremy Lin’s life, but it also offers viewers a new image of Asian Americans in basketball. Furthermore, the film also challenges the long standing…show more content…
Xing explains that using these techniques in a documentary brings to life the picture of the Asian American experience (Xing 113). As the main subject of the film, Jeremy Lin’s story of struggles and success has a huge impact in the society, especially in Asian American communities. His story will inspire Asian Americans to not give up on their dreams, because success will be achieved through their hard work and perseverance. The model minority stereotype is the idea that Asian Americans are more likely to achieve success compared to other minority groups (Xing 47). I am an Asian and I am not really good at math. My parents hired a math tutor to help me in school. When I first came to United States, I had to take a math assessment test for the community college that I was applying for. I was happy with the result that I got because it was not as bad as I was expecting it to be. However, my father’s friend asked me why I did not get a high score. My father is really good at math, and I believe he was expecting me to be the same as well. The presumption that Asian Americans are academically smart puts a lot of pressure on

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