The Great Alone Film Analysis

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DOC Utah: The Great Alone Film Review The Great Alone, directed by Greg Kohs, is a documentary about all time dog sled racer Lance Mackey. Throughout this film, it shares Lances story of how he came to love the sport of dog sled racing while also focusing on his relationships with his parents and dogs. What he ultimately discovered is that even through the hard times, you can still push through and become successful. His hard work and determination is inspiring. It’s taught me that even though life can be challenging, it makes us a stronger and better person. Having been interested about dog racing myself, I personally loved the film. Ever since I’ve seen the film Balto, I’ve always found it amazing how a team of dogs can run for so many miles. I found the quality of this documentary to be phenomenal. It offered comedy, drama, action and much more. All around it was a great film for everyone to enjoy. There were two main small…show more content…
He got into trouble with alcohol and drugs until finally, he met his wife. He finally had a relationship he could count on. From there, he began to think about racing the Iditarod. That dream came to a stop when he was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2001. Doctors told him it didn’t look good and he felt like his dreams were shattered. He thought he would never get the chance to make his father proud. Luckily, the surgery went successful and all the cancer was gone. A few years later, he rescued a team of outcasts or shelter dogs and began to train them. Everyone joked about Lance’s team. They were all rejects who weren’t made for races like the Iditarod. In 2007, however, he showed them wrong. He won the Iditarod. He felt like he was on top of the world. From then on, Lance won the Iditarod back to back for 4 years. He became a legend and his dad has never been more proud of him since. Lance and his parents have a better relationship because of his hardship and
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