Westley In The Princess Bride

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Westley, the protagonist of The Princess Bride, is loyal, clever, and heroic. He is very dedicated to saving Buttercup and does everything he can to get her back from Prince Humperdinck. The novel that was later turned into a movie was directed by Rob Reiner; the screenwriter’s name was William Goldman. The main character has long blond hair and blue eyes that Buttercup describe as having, “like the sea before a storm.” He starts off as a farm boy, who wears rags and is devoted to the princess. Westley returns as a bandit that outsmarts a group of robbers that took the princess. At the end of the movie, he is revived and cannot move. Instead of using his physical strength, he uses his mind to save the princess. He plans how to get into the …show more content…

He wears a black cloak and mask to hide his identity while he is in pursuit of the princess. When Inigo asks who he is, Westley says,”No one to be trifled with.” This hides his identity to cover the tracks he left. Westley then challenges Vizzini to a battle of wits. He uses the immunity to a poison to win. Westley becomes paralyzed after being brought back from the dead. He uses his cleverness and wit to guide Fezzick and Inigo into Prince Humperdinck’s castle. Without the strength to fight, he has to approach this obstacle differently. Lastly, Westley is heroic. Even though he almost gets killed multiple times, he stays confident and determined. He was killed, but that only slightly slowed down his progress. He used his brain to lead when his body could not. He risked everything to save the princess. In the beginning, he left to go to America to help her. Westley acted as a pirate only to survive long enough to find Buttercup. Everything Westley does throughout every part of the story is meant to help her. Westley saves the princess against all odds. This film shows how true love makes Westley go to the extreme. I recommend the movie because it is full of humor, but is still very intriguing. The plot is unpredictable; the movie shows a story full of emotion, fighting, and

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