The Princess Bride Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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It is often believed that pictures speak louder than words. However, when comparing a book to a movie, this quote is totally not applicable. The purpose of creating a movie from a book is mainly to bring the characters to life and make the story more relatable. Fantasies, especially, are unrealistic and hence a movie makes the fantasy come to life. The Princess Bride was originally a book which was then filmed as a movie to recreate the story. The fantasy is about Buttercup, a milkmaid, and Westley, a farm boy, who fall in love and have to face many obstacles. The story mainly develops the themes of true love and revenge. However, in the book, The Princess Bride by William Goldman, the story develops the theme of revenge and true love in more depth compared to the movie. First of all, the book provides a detailed past of each main character which makes the reader sympathize with them. For example, in the book, the author has dedicated four to five pages to understand Inigo’s and Fezzik’s past. The author emphasizes on Inigo’s emotions and reaction about his father’s death. Inigo explains to Yeste, in the book, how he spends ten years learning to prepare himself to fight with the …show more content…

For example, in the book, when Inigo and Fezzik visit they have to go through many hardships in the Zoo of Death. Arabian Garstini, a very dangerous snake, is one of the animals in the Zoo of Death. Suddenly it starts coiling around them “and the fourth coil, the final coil, [coils around their] throat” which is terrifying. This builds a lot of tension and causes the readers to really get involved in the story. But, in the movie, there is no Zoo of Death and Fezzik and Inigo easily go inside the Pit of Despair. The Pit of Despair is not as scary as the Zoo of Death and they easily find Westley which does not build tension at all. Thus, the book builds much more tension compared to the movie which makes the story a page

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