In The Pedestrian Movie Vs Book

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The PBS article of the adaptation discusses the challenges of adapting a novel into a film and the changes of filmmakers must make. More than 65 percent of novels and stories have been turned into films. However, the narrator in stories or a novels are the main key because “In film the narrator largely disappears”(PBS). But in a movie gives the audience exactly what it should be seen, in stories, and novels the reader has to imagine in their own. The article explains that to do a film the filmmakers have to vision what's happening in the book to do the film. Also, filmmakers make changes in the film to the novel to be more interesting. As in a films and novels they both have different tools for their own “narrative structure”. “In the Pedestrian” by Ray Bradbury the …show more content…

Mead in the the story he was isolated from everyone, he always walked alone, and in the film he had a friend someone else he trusted. In the film, he was tried to to convince his friend to go out with him for a walk and even he had his clothes ready for him. This demonstrates that having a friend changes everything he can actually share what he does it makes it more meaningful than being alone. And in the film there's a possibility that the words might spread because of that friend walking and in the short it might have ended there. However, there also another difference because in the film walking is a crime, and in the short story it is awarded. In the short story Mead said “ Wait a minute I haven’t done anything”( Bradbury 51). This indicates that people are losing the socialization because thinking walking is weird they are taking him to the Psychiatric Center for Research on Regressive Tendencies, and in the film technology is rising over mankind taking him over his will and not even telling him where there taking him. In the “Pedestrian” here are many differences as in the film, and the short

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