The Pedestrian Dystopian Analysis

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The Robot that Stopped it All In this short story of The Pedestrian, Bradbury develops a society of the advancement of technology can destroy the uniqueness in this dystopian story. The society in this story has been taken over by technology, instead of people taking night strolls or walking their dogs; they would rather stay home and occupy themselves with something that involves watching a “viewing screen”. Since this has happened, walking seems like an oddity because no one does it anymore. The setting in this story is very significant because it portrays many aspects of a dystopian society. The idea of individualism is where being an individual is not normal in this society. Mr. Mead was shown as an outcast because he disagreed with the majority of the people. Sitting inside watching TV is the ideal evening for everyone in this population in the future. While Mr. Mead thinks otherwise and enjoys the fresh air while also having his thoughts to himself, “If he closed his eyes and stood very still, frozen, he could imagine himself...a wintry, windless Arizona desert with no house in a thousand miles,” (pg 174) In the beginning of the story Mr. Mead walks down the barren city sidewalks of this city where he lives and this really shows the setting of a dystopian society. No one walked anymore; no one had the time to, no one wanted to, so Bradbury shows imagery on how no one does this, “The cement was vanishing under flowers and grass. In ten years of walking by night or day...he had never met another person walking.” (pg 174) In the middle of the story, an officer finds Mr. Mead and tells him to stop, “‘Stand still. Stay where you are! Don’t move!’ (pg 174) He halted.” Once the officer pulls him …show more content…

With just the simple crumbly and overgrown sidewalks to no one in a police car, these can really change people’s outlooks on

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