Similarities And Differences In Eat Pray And Love By Elizabeth Gilbert

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Eat, Pray and Love by Elizabeth Gilbert Eat Pray and Love is a really good book written by Elizabeth Gilbert. Years after the book was published the movie was made. The movie and the book have some similarities and some differences. They basically have the same story with events rearranged differently and events cut and added. This happens because a movie has to tell the entire story in a certain period of time, in this case 145 minutes. So a lot of small details from the book have to be cut. Also the movie has to rearrange the events in the book in a way that it is interesting for the spectator to watch. Sometimes books jump in time and use different literary methods that have to be changed when adapted to movies because they can slow or interrupt the rhythm of the movie. …show more content…

In the book, the story starts when Elizabeth is in Italy having dinner with Giovanni, an Italian guy. It starts in the middle of the scene without a previous information or context. On the other hand, in the movie, Elizabeth is in Bali looking for an old medicine man to write an article on him. It starts in a smooth way that allows the spectator to acclimate in the story before it really starts. One could see that these events have nothing in common. It’s true that the events happen in both, but the order is changed, which basically changes the whole story. Also, one part that was left out of the movie that did occur in the book is when Elizabeth is in Italy learning Italian. In the book, she takes classes in an academy while in the movie there is no academy mentioned and she learns Italian from her friends. The author spent a lot of pages describing her classes and what she felt, and it the movie it seems that it was an irrelevant detail so it was

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