Romeo And Juliet Movie Vs Movie Analysis

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A book shows an imaginary world to a reader and gives a reader a platform to create an imaginary world out the story on a book. William Shakespeare 's greatest love story truly touches its readers heart by the way whole story is structured. The book is written in the way the it flows in the unprecedented scenes that it creates in the readers mind and the piteous end of the true lovers are the elements that made it the greatest love story ever told. Furthermore, this extraordinary story of a true love written in a book has been filmed which suited with then the time and generation.
The "Romeo + Juliet" produced in 1996 directed by Baz Luhrmann indeed shows a fine example of the major differences and changes that a story needs when a movie is filmed out of the book especially with the changing time. The film is a shortened version of the original Shakespeare 's play. The movie follows the story line very closely with the original story. To make the movie more practical and suitable, the story in the movie shows that the two families are running corporations which are against each other rather than the typical family differences. And the feud between the two families creates chaos in the community. The whole movies have kept the track of originality in its important characters, scenes and the flow of the play. The story starts with a fight with scene between the Montague boys and the Capulet’s and ends with the death of the lovers, Romeo and Juliet.
However, there are

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