Dbq Essay On Romeo And Juliet

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Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' was about two star-crossed lovers who wanted to live together happily. Sadly, the actions of other characters have greatly impacted the lovers. The characters are the two households, Montague and Capulet, Friar Laurence and Tybalt. The actions of the characters have lead Romeo and Juliet to there deaths. To begin with, the two families were in a feud. The grudge between the two families made Romeo and Juliet want to hide their love to prevent any further damage to the broken relationship. It was clear that because of the feud, both families would not approve of the bond between the two children. Juliet's father claimed that he would disown her if she didn't marry who he wanted and will disapprove of anyone else. The family riot caused the children to continue their doings in secrecy to avert problematic situations. This only made the matter worse because the decisions the lovers made lead to their death. …show more content…

He also gave Juliet a remedy to fake her own death because she didn't want to marry another man. At this time, Romeo was banished from Verona and did not get an explanation as to what happened. This is shown in Document C, third note, " ." It continues to Document E, second note, " ." Without a proper explanation, Romeo has decided to poison himself. He went to Juliet's casket, drank the poison and killed himself. After some time, Juliet awoke from her slumber, saw Romeo dead on her chest and killed herself. Friar Laurence tried to help the couple but the delay to deliver the news caused a tragic death between the

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