Udolpho Frankenstein Analysis

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Have you ever read a story that causes chills or your emotionally invested in a character. The story’s Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and The mysteries of udolpho by Ann Radcliffe are literature that are centered in fear. These story’s cause suspense or has ghost or some type of monster. A gothic is a great example of fear in literature. The settings, characters, and story line has a way of making the reader invested by hooking to their emotions. Literature can be put into categories but it does not mean that all stories are the same. The character. Frankenstein includes characters such as victor the creator of a monster that end up death. The monster he lives up to his name .He struggles for acceptances and kill some of his creators (victor) loved ones. This includes Elizabeth a girl that was raised by …show more content…

In the mysteries of udolpho Emily is taking to udolpho a castle .It is said to be haunted. The question is by who .How did they die and what does it have to do with Emily the main character and why are all these people involved. The castle haunting is a mystery and the story has a way of telling it by telling the story of young girl discovering her relative’s connection to the castle and for that hers. This is why it’s called the mystery of udolpho.Frankestein is set in Europe for most of the story. Victor visits many places through the story. For example he travels to England so he can create the she monster and gather information. He originally is from Geneva. There is also setting to a specific scene .Like the village where his brother died .The jail where the aunt dies. The room where Elizabeth dies. On the ship where he is killed. Even in the mountains where the monster dies. They are important details but they don’t make the story. There not really important to the theme of the

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