Horror fiction Essays

  • How Did Stephen King Impact Society

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    heart of a small boy. It is in a glass jar on my desk.” These words are said from one of the most famous horror writers in literature history. Stephan King was only a little boy when his interest in horror and science fiction began. He would read all the horror and science fiction comic books that his father had left in in a box when he abandoned the family. With this burning passion of horror,King began to write stories of his own to publish thousands of copies and soon go on the big screen. Here

  • Literary Criticism In William Faulkner's A Rose For Emily

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    A Rose for Emily William Faulkner was an American writer and Nobel prize laureate from Oxford Mississippi. Faulkner wrote novels, short stories, a play, poetry, essays and screenplays. He had assorted styles of writings. He is one of the most celebrated writers in American literature generally and Southern literature specifically. One of his styles of writing included Southern Gothic. Southern Gothic style focuses on grotesques themes, and my also include supernatural elements. It mainly focuses

  • Thesis For The Lottery By Shirley Jackson Essay

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    Lottery Template Topic Sentence: One can see by examining the symbolism of the worn out black box, and the foreshadowing of the children putting rocks in their pockets in the The Lottery by Shirley Jackson, that this story is a classic archetypal horror story. Argument: Firstly, one can see that when Mr. Summers arrived at the square carrying a black wooden box, he asked the villagers if anyone would give him a hand with putting the box on the three- legged stool, however, many hesitated to come

  • Psychosis In Rog Phillips's The Yellow Pill

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    illustrated throughout history, and in the story, The Yellow Pill. As Dr. Cedric Elton was looking over Gerald Bocek’s reasoning for the murder of six people, he decides this about him. “Fantasy fiction was all right in its place, but too many people took it seriously. Of course, it was not the fault of the fiction. The same type of person took other types of fantasy seriously in earlier days, burning women as witches, stoning men as devils-” (Phillips) is reminding the audience that this is not the first

  • Film Analysis: A Game Of Thrones

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    “... a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge” (Tyrion Lannister). Set in the Medieval Ages, A Game of Thrones written by George R. R. Martin is an engaging and intriguing battle for the iron throne. Ned Stark, lord of Winterfell and Hand of the king, battles endlessly to drive sense into the, Robert Baratheon king of the seven kingdoms and outmaneuver Robert’s wife Cersei. While Ned is in the capital with his daughters Arya and Sansa, his oldest son, Robb rules

  • Analysis Of John Donne's A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning

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    If one truly loves another, separation from that person should be a completely irrelevant occurrence. This seemingly insensible concept is the central idea of John Donne’s “A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning,” as the persona addresses what seems to be his lover prior to his departure. As the persona comforts his lover, Donne’s message emerges as he argues that separation between lovers should not be any cause for anguish, for any truly substantial bond cannot be shattered nor weakened by any physical

  • Frankenstein Passage Analysis

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    A Key Passage Analysis: The Ascent is Precipitous… This passage taken from Mary Shelley’s horror novel, Frankenstein, on page 66-67 describes the atmosphere and ponderings of Victor Frankenstein as he solitarily ascends to the summit of Montanvert. After feeling grievance and despair as he blames himself for the death of both his brother, William and his servant, Justine, Victor attempts to find solace in the majesty of nature to repair his emotional state. However, his descriptions of the environment

  • The Golden Age Of Detective Fiction Analysis

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    DETECTIVE FICTION “ The term ‘Golden Age’ stands for a particular blessed era of crime writing” – Susan Rowland. Golden Age of Detective fiction is regarded as the period between World Wars I and II, an era of classic murder mystery novels of similar patterns and styles, predominantly in the 1920s and 1930s; however, classic novels had been written since 1911 and still, are being written. Most of the Golden Age writers are British, however, in America the genre of ‘Hard-Boiled’ fiction is dominant

  • How Does Poe Use Symbolism In The Masque Of The Red Death

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    People have always tried to avoid death, but they cannot. In Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Masque of the Red Death” the characters are trying to avoid the Red Death, but they fail. Every hour an ebony clock chimes indicating that life is passing and death is close. People begin to die every minute once the Red Death enters. This story of death works out, because Edgar Allen Poe gives good use to author’s craft. Edgar Allen Poe uses imagery, symbolism, and setting to create an effective story. In the

  • The Victor And The Monster In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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    In Frankenstein, there is a question of what it means to be fully human. Not in an anatomical form, but in an emotional and psychological way. In Frankenstein there is a definite point in which both victor and the monster cease to be human and become instead the animals both believe the other to be. Shelley tries to portray how allowing oneself to be governed by their emotions will destroy one’s life, and the lives of others, at a fundamental state. The fact is, both victor and the monster show severe

  • Ralph Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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    Qualities of a Leader As a wise man called Peter Ducker once said, “Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked, but rather defined by results not attributes.” This quote from Peter Ducker demonstrates how at the beginning of the novel, Ralph is liked and makes speeches that don’t change much, however, on the other hand, Jack is a more effective leader who shows results. The novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding is about a group of boys who are stranded in an island after

  • Fritz The Cat Analysis

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    Fritz the Cat (1972) is a film about the 60s. Being the first animated feature to receive an X rating, Fritz the Cat attempts to unveil all the violence, sex, racism, and disillusionment of the 1960s through an unfiltered, and debatably unfocused, lens. Ralph Bakshi is the director behind this film, and he aimed to show that the 60s was not a very perfect era, but in fact quite hypocritical one. Fritz the Cat and the numerous people that surround him are, for the most part, confused souls with often

  • Symbolism In The Monkey's Paw

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    There are many red flags in The Monkey’s Paw, like the story only taking place at the White’s home. Another red flag is that there is not a lot of information about each character, for example, how they look like, what they do etc. We know the family is not well off because Mr. White wishes for money, which gives us a bit of context, yet not enough. This leads to the other red flag dialogue, most of the story is just the characters talking about what is going on. Furthermore, there is no main character

  • The Hunt Movie Analysis

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    Movie Review – The Hunt The hunt; although the title may suggest that it’s a scheduled chase of some person or animal the movie in fact is far away from that. Released in the year 2012 which was loaded with mega budget –Avengers, The Amazing Spiderman 2 , The hunger Games and Skyfall to name a few- blockbuster movies, It really needed something special to lure the attention of the audience to spend their time in the genre of drama and I must say director Thomas Vinterberg has done a brilliant

  • Frankenstein The Romantic Hero Analysis

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    “The Monsterous Hero” Frankenstein by Mary Shelley shattered the mold of typical horror novels written during the Romantic period and revolutionized the next generation of horror writers. Shelley’s unique use of Romantic elements such as supernatural components, dualism, spontaneous creation, individual thought, and innocence illuminate important aspects that help determine the romantic hero. Specifically, a romantic hero is identified as one that opposes established standards, faces rejection by

  • Film Analysis Of Alfred Hitchcock's Film Psycho

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    Parlor Scene Shot-by-Shot Analysis Throughout the film industry, Alfred Hitchcock’s film Psycho has revolutionized the horror genre with his ways of merging the obvious with the mysterious. Alfred Hitchcock, ‘Master of Suspense,’ is known for his filming techniques which made his film stand out compared to other horror films during his period. Hitchcock used these techniques throughout the film Psycho to allow the viewers to get an insight of what is happening in the film. One of the most important

  • Jane Ganahl's 'Women Like Men Who Like Cats'

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    Crazy Single Cat Men Most single women love cats. Some have one or two, but we’ve all seen the movies or heard stories where there is a single crazy cat lady next door. Where did that come from? What about men? Do single men love cats as well? In this day and age, it has been shown that people tend to think that men with cats tend to have a certain lady-like softness. In Jane Ganahl’s article, “Women Like Men Who Like Cats” she proves that women tend to be more attracted to men who like cats. Being

  • Compare And Contrast Tell Tale Heart And The Cask Of Amontillado

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    Edgar Allen Poe Edgar Allen Poe is a famous poet and writer who has published many famous works. Of all these works “A Tell-tale Heart” and “The Cask of Amontillado” are notorious for setting the standard in horror literature. These two short stories tell narratives of men who are driven mad and snap into extremely aggressive behaviors. The two men lure their victims to a dangerous state of complacency that could have easily aided in the rise of the phrase “Keep your friends close and your enemies

  • How To Smash Burger-Personal Narrative

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    walked back to their rooms claiming that they were tired while everyone else gathered in the living room to watch the new season of American Horror Story that was premiering. “Oh my god I ship Tate and Violet so much,” Ariana fangirled. “Yes oh my god they are sooooooo cute together,” Jan agreed. “The world is a filthy place, it’s a filthy goddamn horror show.” Tate exclaimed dramatically from the T.V. After the episode they all went to bed, but as Ariana walked past Sara’s room she noticed something

  • Stephen King: The Rabbi Man Eating Dog

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    1947 in Portland, Maine. His mom Nellie Ruth was a stay at home mom, while his dad worked as a sea merchant, but left the family when King was really young (“Stephen King” Par 1). His dad was also into horror, Stephen found some of his dad’s belongings in the attic which contained a collection of horror stories