Fritz The Cat Analysis

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Fritz the Cat (1972) is a film about the 60s. Being the first animated feature to receive an X rating, Fritz the Cat attempts to unveil all the violence, sex, racism, and disillusionment of the 1960s through an unfiltered, and debatably unfocused, lens. Ralph Bakshi is the director behind this film, and he aimed to show that the 60s was not a very perfect era, but in fact quite hypocritical one. Fritz the Cat and the numerous people that surround him are, for the most part, confused souls with often ill-informed ideas about the world around them, and this is present right near the beginning of the film. One of the first scenes of the movie has three female hippy cats surround a crow, and these cats are absolutely admired by the crow. In this …show more content…

When Fritz enters his dorm room he tries to initiate a conversation with his peers, but his buddies are too caught up studying to pay any attention to him. Understandably this makes Fritz irritated, and this leads to him making an entire speech about how students are caught up into spending so many countless hours studying, working, and completing deadlines that they neglect experiencing the wonders of life. In Fritz own words,”You spend years and years with your nose buried in these goddamn tomes..while the world is passing you by.” However, the reality is the world is actually passing by Fritz. While his argument may hold some truth, Fritz does nothing about it but do detrimental things to his future. In the end he burns all his college books, immediately regrets burning all his college books, and through the remainder of the film never practices what he preaches about leaving the school system. Just goes to show that Fritz is just being as, if not more, pretentious than the people he is criticizing, and overall just being a hypocrite. This is a common thing for not just many young adults and teens in the 1960s to do, but also a frequent thing for many to do today. Many would conclude, especially if they were in a poor financial position, that either high school, college, or both were

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