Kenyon Commencement Speech Summary

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The Kenyon Commencement Speech After we graduate from high school the most common thought that we have is going into the adult world. Some of us don’t even have a clue on what the real world is about. It’s not all about testes, quizzes or exam; it’s either we get or we don’t. This speech is basically about the decision we make in our lives and we act on these decisions.
The professor had us read this speech to tell us that everything in life is not always what it seems and the right way is not always the best way. For instance, our parents might want us to pursue a certain career path, such as a lawyer but we could hardly defend ourselves. However we might like things such as art and computer science, they might be the best option for you because you’re passionate and good at it. It helps us to think outside of the box and to try new things by ourselves, for example, even if we a part of a religion that does not mean we cannot hear the views of other religion or be close minded about their opinions.
This speech teaches us about the real world after high school or college; it not easy for everybody, we have to go the school, work and we have to think about our daily lives- how are going to survive. This speech helps in our education by allowing us to beware of what we’re thinking, what we’re thinking and how we can implement our thoughts into …show more content…

The author was clear in what he was saying meaning there was not “big” words that might confuse us. The story about the two young fish he started out with was relevant to the whole concept of the speech. This speech was very unique and original because we don’t usually hear someone curse in the commencement speeches and the examples that he used was one that we can relate to our daily lives. Finally, we all can relate to this speech from the battle of the religions to being angry at the world for not cooperating with

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