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Frankenstein is the most well-known characters in horror literature. Mary Shelley's 1818 novel has intrigued readers for more than 200 years. Although it is not entirely true, the phrase "Frankenstein's monster" is widely used to describe the creature. Victor Frankenstein is actually the story's true monster. This article will look at the elements that contributed to Frankenstein becoming a monster rather than concentrating on his creation. The actions of Frankenstein were horrible to begin with. He creates life out of nothing, basically trying to act like God. Victor Frankenstein is a gifted young scientist who is fascinated by the idea of creating life. He spends years acquiring, testing, and studying the necessary parts. He is horrified …show more content…

Victors Lover died he created a monster. In order to really understand the mysteries of life and death, he created this monster. But, in trying to bring something back to life after it had already died, he got off track because he was too ambitious. The monster was enraged and wanted revenge from Dr. Frankenstein when it came to life since it felt rejected by his creator and felt alone because no one else could possibly be like him and everyone on the outside would look at him as a terrifying creature. Despite Frankensteins flaws, the monster was still a sentient being, capable of feeling emotions and experiencing the world around it. It was acutely aware of its own otherness and the fact that it would never be accepted by the rest of society. This feeling of isolation and rejection made the monster want to seek revenge against its creator, as it saw him as the source of all its pain and …show more content…

Frankenstein's actions were not only horribly monstrous but also showed a lack of conscience. To him, creating life was an art, and by bringing a creature to life from nothing, he was attempting the impossible. In doing so, he was imitating God, who created life from nothing. Victor Frankenstein's urge to bring something from nothing drove him to work for years on his experiment without fail. Unfortunately, when he eventually accomplished it, he was filled with regret due to the outcome of his creation. Then he rejected and abandoned it, leaving the creature to fend for itself in a world that had no desire to want to live among it. There are monsters that are often characterized by the way they treat or look at other people. This is a quality that can be seen in many different ways, but one of the most common is their indifference towards

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