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Frankenstein The story of Frankenstein focuses on the scientist Dr. Victor Frankenstein, who has the idea making life himself rather than let the natural process of life used, and thus arising the question of is god real and if he is real how come humans can make life out of old body parts then? One of the major questions that had arised, when he created the creature and it escaping from his laboratory. It was a question of his own sanity. When he would be in a situation where the odds that he be put to be blamed to the crime that was committed, or that the creature would be found out and him dubbed the maker of the creature thus making him the one who commits the crime by default as maker of the creature. When he discovered …show more content…

He felt that since he was the one who had made the monster then it is all his fault that he is committing all of the crimes that he is being blamed for all in the first place. Also with every crime that the monster committed it ate away bits of the doctors sanity away, and he questioned himself as to if it is his fault or not his fault that the creature did those crimes. He blames himself for doing the crimes yet when he first had the idea for the creature he didn't factor in that he had to tell it what was wrong, and what was right to do before it escaped his laboratory. He didn't realise that till the creature was already out there doing all of those crimes, or even seeing how he bonded badly with the family the creature found due to how he was very revolting, and looked like a bag of skin put up with bones, and was hard to look at. He was more focused on just the concept of playing god, and making …show more content…

Him seeing himself as the one who made the creature he feels that he is to be the one to blame for all of those murders, and that he should be the one to die as a way to payback all of the crimes that had been done due to the creatures lack of what was right, and what was wrong. From the creature's point of view it is but a child who needs to be taught stuff like what is wrong ,and what is right since it doesn't really know but what it does learn is that choking someone is the best way to get what you want ,and in his case he wanted a bride who would go with him to live in the mountains, and make a family, and be away from the shunning of society. It all also adds to that the doctor is going insane with guilt as he feels the blame is put on him for making the creature, and thus he is the person that should be thrown in jail, or as they do in that time period hang them to instantly be killed for all of those horrendous crimes done. He even tries to explain it to a scientist fellow who doesn't think that what he is saying is in any way true at all, and should be checked out by a

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