Who Is To Blame In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Although the question of “who is to blame” Is up in the air, it’s quite obvious that the monster was directly to blame for the murders. But, when you think about the fact that he was merely created and not born, so he wasn’t able to differentiate right from wrong, or how to control his feelings. His anger was stemmed from his hate of his creator Victor. The wrongs that Victor did unto the creature is what caused the creature’s anger to overtake whatever bit of logical thinking and ability to reason and in a way, throw it out it out the window. So, physically speaking, the creature was to blame. Although, the person to blame behind the deaths in Frankenstein would be the person who decided to make the monster in the first place. If you create …show more content…

When Victor fell ill and it was apparent Henry asked, "How ill you are. What is the cause of all this?" but he never received an answer, but that didn’t stop Henry from being there and nursing Victor back to good health over a span of several months. Throughout those several months Victor never told Henry of the insane project that he had done, he left him in the dark of how dangerous this creature could be and thanks to his negligence of telling the truth to those around him Henry was murdered by The Creature as a way to get back at Victor. The same incidence happened to Elizabeth but The Creature actually gave Victor a warning and yet Victor still decided to not do anything to possibly keep his lover out of harm’s way. When Victor rejected The Creatures want for a girl companion he replied, “I go; but remember, I shall be with you on your wedding night.” When this was said, Victor knew of the possible danger that Elizabeth was now in but refused to warn her of this danger and this lead to her death. The penalties that Victor faced due to keeping the existence of this creature a secret it what lead to the deaths of the people that he cared for, and the fact that he had the ability to save these lives but chose to not even try says a lot about

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