Challenges In The Princess Bride

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Everyone faces challenges sometime in their life, something that blocks them from moving forward in life. However, sometimes these challenges seem too hard, and that leads a person to give up on the reward offered at the end. These challenges differ from person to person, some people face challenges like physical disabilities, like Kayla Montgomery who has multiple sclerosis (MS). This disability makes her legs go numb when she pushes her herself too hard running. However, that does not stop her doing the thing she loves most, running. Others face challenges that test their competence, such as Westley in The Princess Bride(1987) who tried to see if he was strong enough to take Buttercup away from Prince Humperdinck. Even though Westley died …show more content…

As seen in the example of Kayla Montgomery, by believing in herself she has become one of the top runners in her school. She believes that she can run hard and fast, and she will not give up that dream. Westley from “The Princess Bride(1987)” is trying to free his true love, Buttercup, from the hands of Prince Humperdinck. However, Humperdinck gets to Westley first and kills him. After being revived by Fezzik and Inigo, Westley somehow manages to get to Buttercup. Westley believed in himself to save Buttercup and did not lose hope, and even in a weakened state, he manages to scare Humperdinck. In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby never loses hope that Daisy will come back to him, and he never stops trying to get her back. He keeps telling himself that Daisy never loved Tom and that she always loved him, and this hope kept Gatsby going in life, and it also made him such a wealthy man. By not losing hope, not giving up, and by believing in oneself, an individual can achieve any goal, no matter how impossible it make seem at first. However, that is not true in some cases like Gatsby’s. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, some challenges are truly impossible to overcome. Nonetheless, one cannot stop believing in himself/herself, and not lose any hope, because most times those values can help an individual overcome any

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