The Princess Bride Character Analysis

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In The Princess Bride by William Goldman, Wesley tries to save Buttercup first from her captors and then her husband. He does this after supposedly dying because he believes he loves Buttercup and wants to make sure she lives. Both loyalty and endurance are very evident and important to the story and character development. These qualities are responsible for many scenarios and traits throughout the story and characters. Endurance is one of the most importants traits in The Princess Bride. One Example in on page 69, this is shown by “‘You're alright?’ her mother asked, Buttercup sipped her cocoa ‘fine’” This shows endurance because Westly has died and she really loved him, she cried for like, ever, but then she was eventually able to pick herself up, clean herself …show more content…

One example on loyalty is from Inigo’s backstory when his father was killed. “I, Inigo Montoya do challenge you, coward, pig, killer, ass, fool to a battle”(page 132) After Domingo died, Inigo tried to fight the six fingered man, and even though he is only 10 years old and so smol, he does not hesitate to fight this man because he loved his father in their own weird way. This is important because from the very beginning it sets up Inigo's main plot line for the rest of the story, his purpose is essentially to train and then find and beat this man. Another example is from Fezziks backstory and helps to begin his plot line. Fezzik was a wrestler and he didn't want to but his parents believed it was best for him and the family. “Fezzik, as always, obeyed” (page 157) This line kinda represents most of what Fezzik does throughout the story. In this case, he does not want to fight but he is loyal to his parents, later on, he does the same thing with Vizzini. Fezzik is like a small child or dog, if he believes in a person he will unconditionally be loyal to them. A third example involves Buttercup and Westley, “Buttercup hesitated not a

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