The Characters In The Princess Bride By William Goldman

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The Princess Bride'' by William Goldman is about a young woman named Buttercup, who falls in love with her servant. She is separated from the young man, and she fights her way out of the arms of her son-to-be husband to be with her young man. The book is well-written because there is an extensive background on the characters in the book. Each character has something that has occurred in the past that caused them to be what they have become. The author highlights these events in a very detailed manner. For example, In the case of Inigo,” The noble killed [Inigo’s father] with no warning. a flash of the nobleman’s sword and Domingo’s heart was torn to pieces.``(Goldman,131) This detail given regarding the past of Inigo gives perspective to why he chose the art of sword fighting. …show more content…

This detail builds suspense as to what will be the fate of the man who killed Domingo. The book is also further edified when after the death of Domingo, young Inigo, who is an unskilled sword man, states''I dedicate your death to my father.``(Goldman 132) This displays the reason why Inigo goes on to train as a skilled swordman because, at the end of the duel, he is left with two scars on his face. Since he could not fight as a child, he now wishes to train and kill his father’s killer. Inigo is then taken in by his father’s friend(Zeste) and raised. Inigo suddenly leaves the home of Zeste, and leaves him a note that states” I must learn.``(Goldman 134) Inigo has clearly not forgotten what the Count did to his father and vows to avenge him. The book was thoroughly enjoyed by me. The component of the book that I enjoyed the most was the humor in difficult situations. Humor in the tale is exemplified when Prince Humperdinck proposes to Buttercup and her response is” I am your loyal servant and I just did[refusing the proposal].”(Goldman

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