Lucy Westenra In Dracula

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Lucy Westenra is the best friend of Mina Harker and thus the second female main character of the novel. Stoker describes with Lucy a representative of the New Women movement, as the time was seen by the British population. She is single and lives with her mother, who is suffering from heart disease. Her family, that was once very prosperous, consist only of herself and her aging mother. She is Dracula’s first victim /vampire child in England. Lucy stands in many ways in contrast to Mina’s character as their moral views and ways of life are distant. She has no occupation and is in no way seeking any form of education. Due to this fact she resembles at first initially in no case the modern New Women, as these sought for independence and education. Her personality can be described as girly, lovely and ‘sweetly innocent’, a seeming sample of Victorian perfection. Lucy is highly beheld for her beauty as her appearance is that of a luminous beauty with fair hair, that is described as “sunny ripples” , and pure bright eyes. Slowly through the chapters Lucy’s tempting sexuality is more lightly brought up. In one of her may letters to Mina, Lucy tells her about the three proposal she got that day and asks her why they cannot:” […] let a girl marry three men, or as many as want her, and save all this trouble.” Through her liberal dealing with sexuality, Lucy is crossing mentally boundaries set up by the social convention of society as it was immoral and forbidden for women in

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