The Incredibles Film Analysis

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Throughout life we are told to express our individuality and swim against the stream of the general population to put emphasis on the characteristics that make us, in short, individuals. Cherishing what makes an individual special and different is what establishes roots in creativity and self expression, however there is a forced false sense of comradery in today’s society that takes the form of involvement with the masses; peer pressure forces many people to fall into the mold of an average character. The Academy award winning film, “The Incredibles” displays the themes of expressing one’s true self and special qualities, and in contrast repression by society to fit a basic mold. These themes are elaborated on through the development of the main characters and expressed further through the supporting roles and their dialogue and endeavors. In the beginning of the film the characters Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl are displayed rushing about in a rather fast paced manner to stop multiple crimes and …show more content…

Incredible is working a desk job under the name of “Bob”. As the opening scene develops it is apparent that Mr. Incredible still strives to help the common man as he approves a claim for a sobbing elderly woman, who is “on a fixed income” (The Incredibles). While jumbling this task Bob’s wife, Elastigirl, calls him and begins to talk about their recently successful move into yet another undercover home and notes as she hangs up, “go save the world, one policy at a time” (The Incredibles). Bob’s wife essentially displays herself as an image of what was once individualism, but has changed over time to present an image of socialist equality on a basis of personality and character. By telling Bob, a man who longs for the feeling of freedom and helping others, to “save the world” by average means, she presents an active theme of repression to fit a societal

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