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Unbroken is a biography by Laura Hillenbrand about Louie Zamperini’s entire life. Louie Zamperini is a son of Italian Immigrants that moved to Torrance, California. He starts out as a problem child that would steal, drink and smoke, but he eventually straightens out through sports and became an Olympian later in life. After he went to the Olympics, he gets drafted into World War 2. During that time he was in planes working as the person who drops bombs on their enemies. One day, though after getting a new plane because their previous plane crashed, they went on a mission and the plane crashed from a malfunction. Only Louie and a few others of his crew survived, but it wasn’t long till one of them dies and then the remaining crew gets captured …show more content…

Because he was unable to run, again it put him into a deep depression that was only cured after he became a Christian. A while after he became a Christian he was able run again and would eventually go to Japan to carry the Olympic torch. He did more than just run though; he did skateboarding, rock climbing and other adventurous things. He also created camp to help with troubled boys, because he felt like he needed to keep boys from going down the wrong path. He felt that way because if he hadn’t straightened out he wouldn’t have been able to have all those great life experiences. Later on in life too he was still running a few miles a day and he was around 60 at that time, which showed it kept him healthy and happy. Running and the Olympics had a huge and long lasting impact of Louie Zamperinis life from making him incredibly happy at times to deeply depressed at others. It all depended on running for him, it drove him to do things and empowered him to go beyond boundaries people haven’t even thought of going beyond. Overall though it had a positive effect on his life because if he had not have gotten into running he would have probably been doing criminal acts and be in prison, so it is a good thing he straightened

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