Analysis Of Unbroken By Hillenbrand

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The miracle of Louie Zamperini Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be stranded somewhere out in the ocean? Well today's your gucci day! Born in Olean, New York and raised in Torrance, California, Louie Zamperini also know as the Torrance Tornado was a honorable man. He was a very helpful person, he was fearless and urgent to do anything he could. In the book Unbroken by Hillenbrand, there are two characteristics that Louie had. One Resourceful, and two, Determined. one example of Louie being resourceful is, he was making it so that people did not have to pay to get into the gym for the basketball game “Finally, someone found louie sneaking kids in the back door”(Hillenbrand 13) Another example is he had background knowledge

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