Louis Zamperini Character Analysis

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Louis Zamperini was a very troubled child. He was the total opposite of his brother, Pete. He loved to get in trouble and mess around. He started drinking and smoking cigarettes before he was 10 years old. ALl of this changed when he found his love for running. It cleansed him of all his bad habits, and when he started running, all he wanted to do was run. He was the best runner in his high school, setting records upon records. He also set many records and college, and even records in the Olympics. His brother Pete, pushed him and trained him to run. Pete was also a runner himself. Louis was so good, Hitler cheered him on, which is great irony later in the book. He faced many challenges, and not just losing races. He was starved, imprisoned, …show more content…

This was the roughest time of his life, but he made it through and stayed strong. He was, after all, Unbroken, by what he had gone through. Louis would sit in a completely dark tiny little room for weeks on end, being starved and tortured. He would think of his family, his woman, and of course, running. Louis is one of the strongest people I have read about. He was never willing to give up, not when running, or fighting for his life in the prison he found himself trapped in. People really are willing to suffer, and give up their lives to keep us safe.
Louis had a lot of confidence in anything he did. He had a healthy kind of confidence, which I think helped him win so many races, set so many records, and make it through the rough patches in his life. WIthout confidence, how do you expect to achieve great things? Louis knew what he was capable of and set his mind to whatever that was. Even at 80 years old, he was still running like he was 19. He didn’t give up what he loved. He loved his family and children and causing trouble. With all that said, we should respect and honor those who have fight so hard to keep us safe. It’s not something that anyone can do. You have to have a love for your country, and you have to be confident in what you are capable of doing. I aspire to be as confident as Louis Zamperini, and hope to live up to his great accomplishments, and never give

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