Democracy And Corruption Essay

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Democracy and Corruption
Does democracy produces or reduces corruption and how
The question whether democracy produces or reduces corruption has been raised in the past decade observing the mixed evidences occurred across the world. Some democratic states tend to successfully overcome the problem of corruption, some in contrary faces with the more dramatic trouble than before. In the some unsuccessful, discourses were made blaming democracy as a tool for greedy agencies to take advantage from the people of the country. In Thailand for example, the discourse that the election system is no more reliable because of populist activities performing by the corrupted government agencies in order to “buy vote” from the poor and uneducated majority is apparent. People seem to lost faith in democracy due to the belief that it is an instrument of immorality. However, the belief is untruthful. Democracy takes the significant part in reducing corruption with only that the process is not happen naturally. In this essay, the argument f how democracy could reduce corruption is to be explain statistically, graphically, and verbally.
To demonstrate how democracy reduces corruption, firstly the tool using to indicate the amount of corruption is needed. Corruption as the act of the abuse of power for self-interests or to obtain a personal benefit is hard to be precisely counted. The estimation of corruption cannot be done by simply counting the time of corrupt activities.

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