Essay On Vote In Democracy

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In the United States, people always talk about freedom and equality. Especially they want elections could be more democratic. In American Democracy in Peril, Hudson’s main argument regarding chapter five “Election Without the People’s Voice,” is if elections want to be democratic, they must meet three essential criteria, which are to provide equal representation of all citizens, to be mechanisms for deliberation about public policy issues, and to control what government does. Unfortunately, those points that Hudson mentions are what American elections do not have. American elections do not provide equal representation to everyone in the country. What do I mean by that? In America, only people who are American citizens are able to vote, …show more content…

This is a biggest question that I always want to ask people. Since the 1960s, the US Supreme Court has established a standard for equal representation in a democracy, which is “one person, one vote.” As a Chinese immigrant and had been living in a communism country for 15 years. To be honest, I do not understand how one vote is representing people’s voice in election and how one vote is representing democracy. Can one vote affect the final result in election? I do not know and I always want to find out an answer. In China, the president is not selected by Chinese citizen. He is selected by National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China. In other word, no matter who is going to be the president, Chinese citizen do not be able to change the result. And this election is not fair enough because people in the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China can decide who the next president is before voting. So voting is just a show. The supreme leader of North Korea is also not elected by people. Kim Jong-un was born to be the supreme leader because his great-grandfather was the first leader who leaded North Korea became independent. North Korea is just same as a family business. People need to follow what the supreme leader says without judgement. Therefore, we might never see the significant of voting in those two countries because they do not need people to vote. However, America is more different than China

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