The Importance Of Voter Turnout In America

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America is regarded highly in the world, due to its economic, political, as well as social development. As countries mature politically, voter turnout is expected to increase. This is the case for most industrialized nations who experience an average voter turnout above 70%. However, it is troubling to see that America still lags below 60% in voter turnout. Viewed as one of the healthiest democracies in the world, the United States is always referred to as an example that other countries should follow. However, one of the key characteristics of a healthy democracy is a high voter-turnout. If people do not turn up on Election Day, it is likely that they do not see the point of holding elections or the conditions are not suitable for them to vote. People vote because they believe that their vote has the power to make changes in the country. Voter apathy often develops when voters do not see voting as a way of voicing their concerns. America therefore continues to tread on risky ground, if a way of increasing voter turnout is not found. Data indicates that voter turnout in the United States keeps on fluctuating in different elections. There are certain years where a considerable increase in voter turnout is witnessed, while in others voter turnout is stagnant or on a downward trend. The 2008 elections were a special and welcome exception as voter turnout surpassed other years considerably. Standing at 65%, this was an indication of improvement in voter turnout.
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