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  • The World Economy: The Evolution Of The Global Economy

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    the world’s largest economy till the 17th century AD in this book. He also had calculated the historical statistic of world’s largest GDP that by 2030 India 2030 India will have 10,074,000 million and China 22,983,000 million since it was resource rich but the actual figure of India’s Gdp in 2014 is worth 2066.90 billion us dollars which is only 3.33 percent of the world economy and China was worth 1036.10 billion US dollar which is only 16.71 percent of the world’s economy as against what Angus

  • Urbanization Economy

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    1. a) Agglomeration economies are a significant power that help distinguish the advantages of the "clustering effect" of enormous amount of activities varying from transport to retailing terminals. There are three chief categories of agglomeration economies: Urbanization economies involve the cost savings wired with manufacturing in a large city, more by reason of inexpensive and intermediate services, goods, extremely large labor pool and extensive knowledge spillovers. World-wide known Dubai is

  • The Mughal Economy

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    Trade and Mughal Economy As has been the policy of our Timurid ancestors, we have always encouraged the growth of trade and commerce. There exist a variety of factors that have cumulatively contributed to inland as well as foreign trade. Inland Trade Factors Contributing to the Growth of Inland Trade- • Revenue Collection- Land Revenue collection, which has two stages under the present system- assessment and actual collection, is carried out separately for Kharif and Rabi crops. Although collection

  • The Political Economy In China

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    Political economy is a fascinating subject to study. Politics and economy are two of the most important components in today’s world. They decide how people live, think, and work from the dawn of the humanity. Our civilization is built on these two components. The economy decides the political system, regime type, and electoral system. On the other hand, politic influences the economy. They have a reciprocal effect on each other. I am from China. Chinese economic system is so unique that countless

  • Informal Economy Analysis

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    entrants into the labour force are currently seeking employment in the informal economy or are involved in some form of self-employment. Informal economy employment can be as a main or secondary activity and as self-employed person or as an employee. The informal economy has become an important aspect of Government attention as a result of its role in providing opportunities for employment and income generation. The informal economy also plays and important role in providing basic needs and practical skills

  • Apartheid In The Global Economy

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    and economic issues to this day. To ‘survive’ in the global economy, the newly elected democratic government decided to take control of the economy especially in places where the private sector did not dominate (Rumney, 2005:402). To combat the inequality that existed in the country while also making sure South Africa can compete in the global economy, the government opted for a more neo-liberal stance on capitalism. A free market economy is where all the factors of production (labour, land, and capital)

  • Liberalism In The Global Economy

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    Global political economy is recognition of the need to properly study the interaction of the economy and the state for a better understanding of society. This concept is concerned with the way that governments intervene in the state’s economy and the implications that this has, and the role the government plays. Study into this relationship has given birth to conflicting theories from liberals and Marxists. The ideas of Liberalism in the global economy emerged in 18th- and 19th- century Britain alongside

  • The Blue Economy In Bangladesh

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    situation the blue economy has brought a new hope for the sustainable economic development in Bangladesh. The blue economy concept is still at an evolving stage where there is yet to be any comprehensive definition which would be suitable from the operational viewpoint. Gunter Pauli’s book, “The Blue Economy: 10 years, 100 innovations, 100 million jobs” (2010) brought the blue economy perception into an eminence. The blue economy is envisioned as the integration of ocean economy development with the

  • Singapore Economy Analysis

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    Introduction The Economy of Singapore Singapore is a small city-state and island country in Southeast Asia. Generally, the economy in Singapore is very well condition. Since the economy of Singapore is dependent on export and import, it always has been affected by related international crises. Country of Singapore lacks land and natural resources, like fuels, metals, or minerals. The primary sector does not make any significant contribution to the GDP. But Singapore Island is situated along important

  • Impact Of Entrepreneurship On The Economy

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    CHAPTER 2 – IMPACT ON THE ECONOMY 2. Impact of women entrepreneurship on the economy The impact that female entrepreneurship has had on the economy as well as on the social structure of the country is ample, and includes both subjective and objective aspects. Any country with high rate of entrepreneurship benefits from an economic as well as social growth. Among some of the advantages is job creation, which is especially important in the dynamic corporate world of today where there is high job insecurity

  • Social Economy Definition

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    In this first chapter examines the theoretical foundation of the social economy. First section contains definition of social economy, the latter section about social policy and its objectives. 1.1 Feature Determining of Social Economy According to small encyclopedia, it is need to note that the term “Social Economy” has so many meaning. Social Economy it has an unusual concept. Social economy is an economy focused on personal development and achieving social progress. Such economic activities are

  • Importance Of Knowledge Economy

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    Knowledge Economy and Its Implications for Work Knowledge economy is an economy in which growth is dependent on the quantity, quality, and accessibility of the information available, rather than the means of production. The term “knowledge-based economy” results from a fuller recognition of the role of knowledge and technology in economic growth. Knowledge, as embodied in human beings (as “human capital”) and in technology, has always been central to economic development. But only over the last

  • Essay On Knowledge Economy

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    Knowledge Economy? Knowledge economy is referred as the use of various knowledge and skills to create various valuables, either tangible or in tangible. Since economy refers to concepts like consumption, production, demand and supply, etc., in the same way knowledge economy refers to the use of these same terms with respect to knowledge, or better termed in this case as intellectual capacity being used as capital. Governments all over the world want their countries to have high-skill economies, and they

  • Gender In Political Economy

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    After a period in which the global political economy seemed prosperous and stable, the monetary emergency uncovered the delicate establishments of the universal budgetary framework and has reshaped the scene of global political economy. They continue to investigate in detail the progress of worldwide political economy in the twenty-first century, giving precise scope of the key circles of action, from exchange, generation and money to social divisions, the earth, improvement, thoughts, security and

  • Unemployment In The Bahamian Economy

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    Unemployment is probably the greatest problem facing the Bahamian economy and has been an ongoing macroeconomic issue for a while now. Unemployment is normally used as an indicator of a country’s economic well-being because it contributes to our Gross Domestic Product. Unemployment happens when someone cannot find a job while actively seeking employment. Unemployment Rate figures are reported by the Bahamas Department of Statistics and it measures the number of people looking for a job divided by

  • The Importance Of Political Economy

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    Political economy is a fascinating subject to study. Politics and economy are two of the most important components in today’s world. They decide how people live, think, and work from the dawn of the humanity. Our civilization is built on these two components. The economy decides the political system, regime type, and electoral system. On the other hand, politic influences the economy. They have a reciprocal effect on each other. I am from China. Chinese economic system is so unique that countless

  • Informal Economy Essay

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    Concept of the Informal Economy The overwhelming presence of capitalism has landed two major successes in contemporary societies: economic liberalization and globalization. These two have been the new constant for developed and emerging economies. Between them, the world has experienced and continues to experience some of the finest and astounding innovations as well as thriving and successful business models ever known to man. From the privatization and commercialization of the internet that has

  • Economy In The Philippines Essay

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    of the economy. The World Bank country director said “. The Philippines is no longer the sick man of East Asia, but the rising tiger. There is macroeconomic stability, and the fiscal situation of the government is sound and improving. The fight against corruption is being waged with the determination and it is paying off. Transparency is improving everywhere in the Philippines.” (Calica & Regalado, 2013, p.1) According to IMF Statistics, the Philippines ranked 39th as the largest economy in the world

  • Essay On Changing Economy

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    changing economy impact the rest of the country? The ways that people got around had a lot to do with the changing economy as well as impacting the rest of the country. The Homestead act also had a large influence on the economy. The railroads helped the city in some ways, but also hurt them. Additionally, Boss Tweed became head of Tammany Hall. In the next several paragraphs, I will be explaining my three reasons how a changing economy impacts the rest of the country also and how the economy improved

  • Essay On Malaysia Economy

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    INTRODUCTION Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy situated in the south East Asia. Malaysia is an open state oriented and newly industrialised economy. Malaysia is one of the top economies of Asia with GDP growing 6.5 % annually. The GDP was $555 bn in 2014.The electronics equipment, petroleum and liquefied petroleum gas will see a substantial increase in the income per capita.On the supply side the growth is said to be supported by expansion in all economic sectors in tandem with the demand