Isolation In The Film Nell

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Nell isn’t just about a girl who has spent most of her life in isolation. In Nell, question what is considered normal in the way we live our lives. Two forces fight over Nell, those who want to let her keep her freedom, proving that she can not just survive but succeed without society. And the others, those in “authority,” who say Nell cannot care for herself, that she has to have others tell her how to act, and how to live in a way that is healthy.
In the movie, Nell was raised in a different situation compared to the way most people are raised. Nell’s mother was a rape victim and had Nell in a cabin. She isolated her for so long Nell never experienced the world, or the opportunity to interact with anyone other than her mother and twin sister who died. Her mom had violent strokes and, her
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When it comes to the culture shock portrayed in this film, Nell gets taken out of the cabin to actually experience the world she was isolated from for so long she is amazed, confused and scared. She’s experiences technology, cars,and cities for the first time and interacting with other people. It’s also a culture shock for people to see someone like Nell act in their society. She behaves different because of her isolation and doesn’t know the social norms and how to act in public.
A feral child is a kid who has lived in isolation from human contact starting from a very young age. They have little or no experience with human care, no loving or social behavior or any human language. I don’t believe that Nell would be classified as a feral child. She grew up with love and affection from her mother and sister, and interacted with both of them. The doctors assume she is mentally challenged because of the behaviors she displays, as well as not being able to understand or communicate with Jerry or Paula. They find out that she isn’t mentally
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